Om nom cake

So then.
Rock bottom and realization all hit at once.

Watching orange is the new black.


16. April 2014

Take me on a date, or like. watch netflix with me.

Anonymous asked: You're a lovely and beautiful woman who should never feel unloved & unwanted. There will be many a time where you feel like you're 2nd place and everyone shows you the least amount of attention, but trust me. A time will come when your biggest concern is how hard you plan on holding the person you love as you both drift off to sleep at night. So hold on. Your time will come <3


*hysterical anime crying inserted here*

Anonymous asked: Now that I'm in a really good place financially all I want is you. I wish I could tell you myself in person.

Lately I’ve been going through some shit and I’ve been feeling somewhat unloved/unwanted.

This made me cry.

Gonna go finish my joint and chronically masturbate until I pass out.




boys meowing soulfully

it took me 3 seconds to reblog this

I’m singing this to you

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I don&#8217;t know man, this is just&#8230;.

I would like to get super stoned and cuddle someone right about now.

Anonymous asked: If a person who never stopped crushing on you wanted to leave his gf for you how would you respond?

Depends on the situation tbh.

I’m extremely drunk and horny right now.

When you feel like you don’t belong anywhere.